Building a platform among the countries of the Adriatic region

The Pax Humana Foundation, in collaboration with Unioncamere and Luiss Guido Carli University in Rome, launched a platform for economic, political, and cultural dialogue in the Adriatic area during the Levante Fair 2022 in Bari.

Press Release

Bari, October 20, 2022 – The Adriatic Community (Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Albania) represents a significant area. Unioncamere, Pax Humana Foundation and Luiss Guido Carli University, in collaboration with the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina, aim to create conditions for the establishment of a platform for dialogue and interaction among the countries and businesses in the Adriatic area, starting with the strengthening of collaboration with the chamber systems of the region.

This is the goal of the initiative organized in Bari by the three promoters, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Bari, Nuova Fiera del Levante, in coordination with organizations already operating in the region, such as the Forum of Chambers of Commerce of the Adriatic and Ionian (AIC) and the Western Balkan 6 Chamber Investment Forum (CIF).

The conference “The Adriatic as a geo-economic community for peace and stability between Europe and the Mediterranean,” held this morning, aims to promote a true “Adriatic Community.”

Today concludes two days of meetings between representatives of chamber systems and institutional figures from all Adriatic countries, the European Union (European Commission and European Investment Bank), and national institutions (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation).

“Italy is among the top trading partners of Albania for all Balkan countries,” emphasized the president of Unioncamere, Andrea Prete. “Through strengthened collaboration with European institutions, our Chambers of Commerce have the opportunity to understand the needs of the territories and the respective economic systems and entrepreneurial communities, defining projects and initiatives that can promote technological and sustainable development to stimulate the growth of business systems, promote economic cooperation, and the transfer of technologies and know-how.”

“The ‘Adriatic Community’ represents a great opportunity to develop a new dimension of exchange, not only economic and cultural, between the countries of the Western Balkans and Italy, which confirms itself as a geostrategic link between Europe and neighboring countries. Our universities are the protagonists, a natural outpost to support the fabric of businesses in a logic of transnational partnership,” declared Luiss President Vincenzo Boccia, continuing: “The construction of platforms and solid bridges of relations must be oriented towards enhancing the energies of our young people, future actors of the Wider Mediterranean.”

“The Adriatic Community is an idea based on geography, history, myth, and a common origin. A project focused on dialogue and sharing with the aim of proposing concrete contributions for peace and prosperity,” said Pax Humana President Maria Nicoletta Gaida.

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