The Pax Humana Foundation supports collaboration in the infrastructure and transport sector between Italy and Serbia

Within the “Adriatic Community” program aimed at creating a geoeconomic space of peace, stability, and prosperity between Europe and the Mediterranean, Pax Humana Foundation initiated a collaboration with the Serbian Minister of Construction, Infrastructure, and Transport, Hon. Goran Vesic, who appointed the Foundation’s President, Maria Nicoletta Gaida, as an advisor for international relations particularly in the trasportation and infrastructure with Mediterranean countries.

In this context, the Pax Humana Foundation facilitated the bilateral meeting that took place on March 14, 2023, at the italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport headquarters between Hon. Vesic and the Italian Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Hon. Matteo Salvini.

The discussions, was an opportunity to strengthen dialogue and collaboration between the two countries in the infrastructure and transport sector with a perspective of bringing Serbia closer to the European Union and led to the issuance of approximately 11,000 new licenses for freight transport between Italy and Serbia.

Currently, the Foundation is working with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Minister Vesic to organize a meeting in Belgrade between Italian and Serbian companies in the sector.

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