Pax Humana Foundation launches the initiative “Atlas of Disappearing Worlds”

With the launch of a mission in Nouakchott, Mauritania, the Pax Humana Foundation launches the project “Atlas of Disappearing Worlds,” an initiative that contributes to the protection and revitalization of the cultures and traditions of the Wider Mediterranean that are disappearing (see Programs).

The mission aims to collect testimonies and memories from the great witnesses and guardians of Tuareg culture. Among the guests is Tuareg author Ibrahim Al Koni, who, with his extraordinary contribution to literature, has unveiled the profound metaphysical significance of the Sahara and the timeless cultural and mythological universe of the Tuareg, and the fathers of desert blues, Tinariwen, Tuareg desert cantors, rebels and warriors of courage and freedom.

The traces, memories, traditions, music, and stories of peoples and cultures that are disappearing will be collected and transmitted through a constantly expanding web portal that will serve not only as an interactive repository but also as a dynamic testimony of the essence of living memory.

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