About us

From "Pax Romana" to "Pax Humana"

Pax romana refers to the long period of peace in the Mediterranean area secured by the military superiority of the Roman Empire during the first half of the imperial age.

Pax americana indicates the period of relative stability and global peace associated with the dominance of the United States in the world after World War II, which we see challenged today.

This foundation aims to contribute to the birth of a new era, placing the human being—with their needs, rights, moral resources, resilience, creativity, spirituality, aspirations, dignity, and ability to create new beginnings—at the core of conflict prevention, resolution, and transformation by weaving relationships that respect the dignity and humanity of each individual.

The era, indeed, of PAX HUMANA.

The Foundation

Established on June 16, 2022, through the initiative of Ara Pacis Initiatives for Peace in collaboration with Eni and Luiss Guido Carli University, Pax Humana is a platform where public and private institutions, economic entities, and civil society coexist and collaborate to promote and materialize peace, stability, and development in the broader Mediterranean region: Southern Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East, and Africa.


Our headquarters are located in a park in Rome, an oasis of
biodiversity where the noise and hustle of the city dissolve, making room for nature, peace and new ideas.