What we do

The Foundation’s goal is to create a space for dialogue and for the definition and implementation of concrete initiatives for peace, stability, and the socio-economic and cultural development of the Wider Mediterranean.

Pax Humana’s actions are guided by a strategic and operational approach based on field studies and analysis, as well as on the development and implementation of action plans and projects that respond to mutual expectations and aspirations.


The programs and initiatives of the Pax Humana Foundation are diverse and combine cross-disciplinary knowledge with concrete actions.

Among the key activities are:

International Collaborations

Building of a network of bilateral and multilateral relationships in the Wider Mediterranean region aimed to establish partnership agreements with public and private institutions that foster socio-economic development and mutually beneficial economic exchange.

Economic Sustainability

Promotion of a humanized economy through the establishment of commercial partnerships and strategic investments focused on learning, dignity and equity.

Cultural Initiatives

Preservation, promotion, and enhancement of the traditions and cultural heritage of the broader Mediterranean region by rediscovering the diversity and richness of its historical roots.

Humanitarian Initiatives

Implementation of humanitarian initiatives with the aim of promoting trust, peace and stability, in the countries of the Wider Mediterranean region.

Training and Education

Implementation of multidisciplinary training programs in business, management, communication, and other crucial skills to promote sustainable development in the countries of the wider Mediterranean region.

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